Monday, 10 May 2010


Media Evaluation

Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Now that 'City Rush' our media opening is complete, i need to complete an evaluation of the media piece which will then complete the media opening part of this course.

I have been a bit behind with this part of the course due to a few hiccups with getting the media opening completed but i hope to have the evaluation completed by next week.

Final Cut

I have now completed editing the final cut of 'City Rush' and i am quite pleased with the overall progress of the piece of media as i didn't encounter too many errors or problems and went quite smoothly.

This is the first cut of 'City Rush'. This cut still has a few errors, mainly duplicated clips when trying to add credits to the video. But the main issue is the sound, also the train at the end we got some feedback and a better idea was to have a moment of blackness/silence then to have an ambulance siren which will then make more sense of the opening overall.

First cut

We finished filming on the wednesday as posted previously in January. From January until now we have been editing and perfecting the media opening. We came up with a name of 'City Rush' as this seemed to best fit the opening as it was fairly fast paced.
While we were filming we had a brilliant shot in first person view which was looking out of the train window and seeing the city go by, during this long clip there was an outstanding piece of audio that will fit the media opening perfectly, i extracted the audio and cut the clip to then have the audio over the best part of the clip so it didn't go on for too long and we had the best of both.
The audio clip said 'We are now arriving at Birmingham New Street. Our final destination!' This links in perfectly with our media opening as the train will blow up which then links in with 'Final Destination'.

I have now finished editing the first cut of the opening and will upload it in the next post.


When we went to film our media piece we came accross a few problems with crew members and areas etc. So we had to improvise on the spot and this worked pretty well as we ended up with some pretty good shots and a decent plot.

We then created the story boards but don't have a camera/scanner to upload these anymore but we still have the same idea about a bombing, we used a train instead of a car and turned out to be the better plot in the end as it made more sense and was possibly the easier option.

Monday, 25 January 2010


We are planning to start filming this wednesday as we have media in the afternoon and will spend this time to go out to the train station during the hours where the public are generally at work or school giving us less busy times and room to move around and film within the train station.

*I will add the new storyboards when i get a hold of a camera in order to upload them*